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We try to make the process as simple as possible. Select a cardboard box that is slightly bigger than your test kit, use bubble wrap or other packing material to make your test kit snug. Once packages ship it to 3001 Griffith Street Charlotte NC 28203, being certain to put a business card or other identifier in the the box prior to shipping.

That’s it for shipping! We will take care of it from there!

In most cases no matter what you are seeking then we can find it for you, so long as it is still in production (or reproduction).

Part of what makes us “Special(ty)” is that we know where to find the tough stuff.

Whether you are looking for off the shelf options like WIKA Pressure Gauges and DFT Valves which generally ship the next day or something more complicated like 20 year old out of production relief valves, we can find it for you. Just give us a call or send us an e-mail!

Most kits are complete and ready for return mailing within 1-2 days.

Kits that have larger issues beyond the average “tune-up” will require more time.

A good deal of our turn around time will depend on overall responsiveness between your offices and ours. Making certain that our Customer Care team has the most current phone number or text numbers will insure that we can get information to you in a timely manner for review and approval of work.

We will not invoice or charge accounts until product is shipped or picked up.

If you would like to discuss Net30 terms please contact our office.

We often get this question and the answer is “sort of”.

Specialty Valve & Controls does not directly sell used test kits.

We do however have a running list of individuals that are seeking to sell their test kits and a list of those seeking to purchase used test kits. We try our best to connect both parties.

If you are wanting to be placed on either list please call our office.

SVC does not perform valve repairs. However, we do have strong long term relationships with most manufacturers and may be able to provide you guidance.

Just give us a call!