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We have created this news section as a resource for people in the industries we serve. We will add information relevent to daily operation as well as the big picture for the power, hydrocarbons, pulp & paper industries as well as municipal operations. We will also use this area of the site to inform our users of advances in the industry related to new product releases and improvements. Legislation affecting the industries that we serve is something that we should all be aware of.

We will add relevent legislative updates and issues that are newsworthy ti help us all stay informed. If you have a topic or newsworthy item that you think would benefit our other users please do not hesitate to contact us with your idea and we will consider addressing it on the site.

Valve News Archive

VTI Stock Reduction

ValveTechnologies has been an industry leader in the valve industry for more than a decade. Their products ...

Virginia is for... Backflow!

The 2nd Annual Cross-Connection Control Conference sponsored by the ABPA Virginia Chapter is next week! Join ...

Filter Care

Did you know that you can maintain and care for you own filters? At SVC we love to see your kits, but there ...

Biz Chat Part 1: Unexpected Costs of Compliance

Compliance has become a buzz word of sorts in the Backflow Industry. It's a rather wide ranging term that can ...

Valve World Magazine - November 2017

Case Study for API 594 Check Valve Replacement

Winter is coming...

... never mind, it's here! As the temperatures drop to record lows across many parts of the US it's important ...

Backflow Accuracy and Calibration

A backflow preventer technician is only as good as his/her equipment, the most important being the backflow ...

WIKA Instrument Corporation Announces cULus Approval for A-10 Pressure Transmitter

Lawrenceville, GA WIKA Instrument Corporation (WIKA) recently announced that its A-10 general industrial ...

NEW Model 835 Backflow Test Kit

For over 30 years Mid-West Instrument has been producing Quality Backflow Test Kits. Our Model 830 has been a ...

What is a Valve?

One of the most widely observed but least recognized type of valve is the fire hydrant. Fire hydrants are ...

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