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TPM - Thermal Performance Monitoring

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Right now, given your industry’s economics, consider the cost and time savings potential of treating all your system’s valves like a “fleet.” Determine fleet economies. Generate fleet savings.

TPM is our value driven service for cycle isolation testing. Assisting our clients to develop strategies to prioritize their MRO budgets.
Our program implementation includes operational cost assessments useful for identifying process systems critical to heat-rate and cost of ownership pre-outage and determining success of repair or replacement during post–outage readings. Gain better control of steam losses, reduce the cost of fugitive emissions and we report the numbers. Our results determine the cost of lost steam and return-on-investment calculations.

We give you the building blocks of an in-depth history database for predictive replacement analysis. Not only are energy costs reduced, but maintenance cost reductions can be realized and shut-downs simplified.

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