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Shipping Instructions

Certification Program Shipping Instructions for Backflow Unit 

The following information is a courtesy that will help us speed your unit through the re-certification program.

Packing Instructions:

Please box unit in a slightly oversized box with sufficient packing. Mark the outside of the box with your company name. In most cases this will be the box your unit will be returned in. It must protect your unit from any damage during shipping.

Remove any adapter connection fittings or tools from your unit. They are not needed for calibration. Make sure all hoses, gauges, etc. required for operation are included. Remove all papers from inside the unit. We clean these units and water might damage papers other than the laminated pages provided with the unit.

Please Include:

A letter of introduction that states the appropriate shipping and billing address. Please indicate the serial number of the unit in the letter so it will be tagged correctly when it comes in to us. Indicate if any known repairs are needed or abnormal service conditions are experienced.

Methods of payment:

  • Purchase order (with established account)
  • We will accept VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS OR DISCOVER with prior approval. Download Credit Card Authorization Form.
  • COD is an alternative, please indicate cod in the introduction letter.
  • You may also pick up your unit at our office and pay by check or credit card.
(to open an account with us please provide four business references and a copy of your state tax exemption certificate, if applicable)

Ship unit to:

Specialty Valve & Controls Co.
3001 Griffith St.
Charlotte, NC 28203
We will call if additional repairs that are not covered under warranty are needed.

Approximate turn around time is 1 to 4 business days.

Note: Your kit is a calibrated test instrument. If it is kept clean and protected in the field it will provide you excellent service. When these kits are abused, repairs may be required which delays the re-certification process.

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