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Filter Care

Fri, 26 Oct 2018

Did you know that you can maintain and care for you own filters?

At SVC we love to see your kits, but there are some regular maintenance items that you can care for at your home or office. 

  • · Twist apart the threaded sections, disassemble the three components inside the housing (brass micron mesh filter element, filter o-ring and filter gasket).

  • · Clean the mesh filter element. How? Soak in vinegar and/or blow the mesh filter clean. Clean the o-ring and gasket with soapy water and rinse
  • Make sure the filter assembly with the three components are reassembled and reinserted in the filter housing in the same position and direction as they were originally removed.
If your test  kit is subject to Mid-West Instrument’s 5-Year Product Warranty and the test kit is sent to a factory authorized Service Center with the three components not installed inside the filter housing…that omission voids the factory warranty!

· Specialty Valve & Controls is a factory authorized Service Center. We always want to examine the hoses and the filter housings when presented for the annual accuracy check for re-certification. You will see a white mark on the filter housing and on the brass connection at the end of the hose checking the hose end gasket. That means our technicians physically opened up the filter housing and examined the hose end gaskets prior to returning to the customer.

· P/N 98008 is a Replacement Filter Element Kit consisting of six each: micron mesh filter elements, filter o-rings and filter gaskets stocked at SVC.

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I've used Specialty Valve & Controls since 1995. Their service is unmatched.
Evan Jacobson

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