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Backflow Accuracy and Calibration

Thu, 24 Aug 2017


A backflow preventer technician is only as good as his/her equipment, the most important being the backflow test kit.

All test kits are made up of several key parts: differential gauge, hoses, needle valves, plumbing, and (in most instances) a carrying case.

Mid-West Instrument, a major manufacturer of gauges, recommends your test kit be verified for accuracy at least once a year. Most states and municipalities will have their own accuracy validation guidelines ranging from every year to once every 3 years.

If the gauge does not read within the manufacturers' specifications, then the gauge must be certified accurate. It is important to note a gauge that has not been tested for accuracy may not meet compliance standards. Tests performed using un-verified and inaccurate equipment may have to be redone. Verification of accuracy for each backflow test gauge is done with equipment that is NIST traceable. (National Institute of Standards and Technology)

Calibration is the actual repair or adjustment that returns the gauge to within proper specifications. Specialty Valve & Controls offers 4 levels of service to calibrate or recondition your gauges.

Things to remember about our Verification/Calibration Service Level:

  • Includes a 30 point inspection involving over 145 parts (seals, seats, filters, etc) ,

  • Includes a kit pressure test and confirms the kit meets NIST trace-ability standards

  • All work is completed on site (any movement off premise must be authorized by you)

  • We only use dedicated factory trained technicians – their only job is to service our Customers’ kits

  • We provide onsite record keeping of all service – we always have access to what work we have performed on the test kit

  • We provide set pricing for all shipping and great care is taken to insure they are packaged well for the return trip!

The Reconditioning / Refurbishment Service Level starts with the minor service and also includes a deep cleaning of the hoses, gauge face, and carrying case. Hose filters are replaced if needed as well.

Specialty Valve & Controls Co. has a full service gauge repair department. We can repair anything on your test kit from hose replacement to a full internal cleaning. Reconditioning/Repairs have three ranges based on the service needed: minor, standard, and major.

All work needed will be reviewed with you by one of our technicians before any actual work is performed.

If you have any questions, we are only a phone call away at (704)522-9873.

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I've used Specialty Valve & Controls since 1995. Their service is unmatched.
Evan Jacobson

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